New Glarus Spotted Cow Ale

New Glarus Brewing Co


This is from another of Wisconsin's many microbreweries, one that I've heard is quite good. However, I'm not sure I was wild about this. It has a hint of corn, in honor of Wisconsin farmers. Unfortunately, the corn was too dominating a taste, and ended up tasting like a bottle conditioned Leinenkugels. Overall, it was kind of weak-flavored, a lot lighter-flavored than its counterparts in the UK. I'm going to try and cellar one of them to see if it gets better, but until then I have to report my initial findings.

Reviewed: December 04, 2004

Rating: 4/10

Fun! Fruity! Satisfying!! This is not very hoppy (that's bitter for you newbies). I thought it was much better than the Uf-da Ass beer I had last year. Then again, I'm not a hop-head.

Reviewed: August 06, 2005

Rating: 8/10

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