Casta Morena (Dark Ale)

Especialidades Cerveceras S.A. de C.V.


Well, you have to give them points for trying. This really does taste like an ale, and is head-and-shoulders above just about any other beer you may have tried from south of the border. Having said that, I have to also say I've had better beers. Yes, this was dark, but the carbonation was pretty weak and it was WAY too sweet. I kind of had a tough time finishing it. Rats. And I had it built up in my mind as a real treat. Anticipation does that to you. Cool bottle and label, though. If you're in Monterrey, and your stomach churns at the thought of having to choke down Corona, have no fear. Casta's a better choice. But here in the States, I have to say that unfortunately you can choose better.

Reviewed: December 11, 2004

Rating: 4/10

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