Roswell Alien Amber Ale

Sierra Blanca Brewing Co


Southwestern New Mexico is an interesting corner of the Rocky Mountains. Carrizozo and its surrounds are famous for being Henry Antrim's hangout (you may know him better as William Bonney, or Billy the Kid). Then right over the pass, out on the plain, is Roswell, famous for wackos and UFOs. Obviously, Sierra Blanca is trying to cash in on this last fact. Their amber ale is, unfortunately, a tourist beer. Goofy green alien smiling out at you from the label. The beer itself is decent, drinkable, but not memorable. There are better representations out there. So if you're a label collector, buy a six pack. If you buy this for the taste of beer, however, you'll be a little disappointed.

Reviewed: December 18, 2004

Rating: 5/10

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