Sleeman Clear

Sleeman Brewery


Those rat-bastard sons of bitches. On the Canadian version of their label, it clearly is advertised that this is a low-carb beer (2.5g of carbs per serving). On the US (Imported) mention whatsoever. Thus, when I bought this as a single, I thought I was grabbing a Sleeman (I missed the "Clear" part, thought I was getting the Cream Ale). So yup, I got screwed. But that's OK, I'm giving those bastards a crappy review. So what's the deal, Canadians got to thinking that they're too fat? Well, try laying off the back bacon and ham, Gordie, Dougie and Scottie. (But for the record, it didn't blow AS bad as Michelob Ultra).

Reviewed: January 08, 2005

Rating: 1/10

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