Hereford & Hops Schwarzbier

H and H Brewery


Quick German lesson: "Schwarzbier" = "Black Beer." And black beer it is. This was served in a tall glass so that it looked like I had a pillar of black marble on my table. It had a roasted, smoky flavor to it. Not much aroma, this beer was all about the roasted malty flavor. I'm puzzled as to why Hereford & Hops brewed this for summer, since this is a much better winter offering. But since it was cold enough here in July, and the air conditioning was cranked enough, that it really didn't matter.

Reviewed: January 15, 2005

Rating: 7/10

Oh my christ! Wow, this was great. A great topper to a nice visit to Wisconsin to celebrate the christening of Steve's younger daughter. Actually, the great topper was shooting Roman Candles at Steve's wife's relatives at close range, all the while trying to shield my eyes from their shots, but hey, the beer was great too. One of the best black beers I've had to date.

Reviewed: January 14, 2006

Rating: 9/10

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