New Glarus Uff-Da Bock

New Glarus Brewing Co


Uff-Da is a pretty all-encompassing sound often made by those of Swedish or Norwegian descent in Wisconsin and Minnesota. One says this after a hard day in the corn fields while sitting down in the easy chair, or trying to get out of that same chair, or picking up a fat ol' baby. "Oh Ja," you might say, "well what does that have to do with a beer?" Well, Uff-Da might also be the noise of satisfaction when quaffing this at the end of the day, when you can feel the beer work the frustrations of the day out of your system.

Reviewed: January 29, 2005

Rating: 7/10

Smells great, looks good, tastes like ass. Well, perhaps not like ass, since it was just pointed out to me I don't know what ass tastes like. Ok, not man-ass anyway.

Reviewed: March 12, 2005

Rating: 3/10

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