Boris - Le Flacon D'Alsace

Brasserie de Saverne


Comes in a little green bottle, only 250 ml. It has some stick guys holding a flag on it. Reeks of french. Now here's the thing. I've tried many beers from Quebec and loved them. French Canadiens brew some excellent beer. But if this beer is any indication of what you could expect if you went beer drinking in France, well I wasn't impressed. It's a thin light yellow, smells skunky. But not the gone bad skunky, the this beer sucks skunky. But it doesn't taste that way. It's rather bland, but a little bit of initial sweetness. Then the aftertaste kicks in and it tastes like the beer smells. I'd probably give it a 5 on taste, but the tiny cute bottles really rub me the wrong way.

Reviewed: January 08, 2005

Rating: 4/10

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