Fuller's London Pride

Fuller, Smith and Turner plc


This is a fine English Ale. Everything about it is as it should be. The bottle it comes in is made of thick heavy glass, and it's a good 500ml. Nothing lightweight about this beer. It pours a good copper colour and it smells like beer, nothing overpowering but you can smell it. And then you drink it. This thing is loaded with hops, but well balanced hops. There's this distinctive maltiness to it that seems to balance everything out. The brewmaster put a lot of work into it and you can taste it in the result. At first it's crisp and mellow, and then the malt takes over. It has a pleasant bitter aftertaste, just enough to remind you of what you're drinking. And that of course is an English Bitter, a fine one at that. It's easy drinking enough that you can drink several pints in an evening, and I've certainly enjoyed doing so tonight. I'd love to have this on draught somewhere, particularly if they serve it at the proper temperature. I'd probably end up rating it even higher. Darn near perfect.

Reviewed: January 22, 2005

Rating: 9/10

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