Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale

Brewery Du Bocq


The label has a drawing of baby jesus sitting on Guadelupe's lap in a church-type thing in a vagina. Very disconcerting. And that's the good part. The beer? Not so good. An odd taste that I'd rather not repeat.

Reviewed: February 05, 2005

Rating: 2/10

This is basically what you want in a Belgian "dubbel." Bottle-conditioned, malty, sweet, with a slight fruitiness. The label refers to other flavors like raisings and black chocolate, but I couldn't tell if they were there. I did get a slight port-like background, so the bottle was right on there. All in all, this is one of those Belgian ales that sets the standard. May not be the best, but definitely on the list.

Reviewed: February 05, 2005

Rating: 7/10

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