Diamond Bear Ultra Blonde

Diamond Bear Brewing Co


The most remarkable thing about this low carb microbrewed offering is that by using the word "Ultra," they've managed to get in the crosshairs of brewing giant Anheuser Busch. So, gotta give them credit for that. Unfortunately, there's not much else that's remarkable. I could forgive the lack of flavor by citing that what is removed from beer to make it low carb is also what gives a beer it's flavor, but it was proven to me by Minocqua Brewing that you can have flavor in a low carb beer. So, I'm left with nothing else to say except that it's a cheap marketing ploy. There's worse beers out there, but I'm further convinced that it's worth the sacrifice to drink regular, high carb beers.

Reviewed: February 12, 2005

Rating: 2/10

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