Trophy Buck Stout

Hal and Mal's Resaurant and Brewery


So, I've already polished off their Pale Ale (best of the lot, by far) and Pilsner, and had some of the best damned New Orleans style food around. My wife is having dessert, a home-made bread pudding. My "dessert" is their stout. So dark, even the head is brown. Wow, is this sweet. Not quite enough hops for my taste, but creamy and delicious nonetheless. Good thing my wife's on the wagon; I'm gonna need a double D. There's not much I miss about Mississippi, but this joint is one of them. Seek out Hal and Mal's if you're in the area. And don't forget to try the stout!

Reviewed: March 19, 2005

Rating: 7/10

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