Sapporo Premium

Sapporo Brewing Co


My experience with Asian beers has not been great, so I can truly say that this is the best Asian beer, Japanese or otherwise, that I've ever had. I was dining at the local Shogun, and decided to complete the total package. Rather than go with Heineken, or Bud Light, like the tool across from me, I went native and chose the one Japanese beer on the menu that I hadn't tried yet, Sapporo Premium. Not anywhere near the best lager, but not bad. Clean, crisp, easy drinking. No aftertaste, which after the Asahi paint episode was a plus, and it went well with the dinner of filet mignon and lobster tail. So, I suggest trying this, or going with Heineken. Or, you can be a tool too and choose the Bud Light.

Reviewed: February 26, 2005

Rating: 5/10

I have to agree with Steve on this. Hardly the worst you can do. Of course, the tool across from me was drinking a mixture of Complete Asshole followed with a chaser of Totally Annoying. Where do these freaks come from?

Reviewed: August 20, 2005

Rating: 5/10

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