Duvel Golden Ale

Duvel Moortgat


Duvel (pron. Doov'l...or so I'm told), is the mack-daddy of Belgian golden ales, regarded by most to be the most perfect example thereof. It's bottle conditioned, 8.5% ABV, and is just kickin' with goodness. It has kind of a lemony background to it, very effervescent, and when the bottle says "pour unhurriedly," heed that advice. It's very easy to have a glass full of nothing but foam. What made the experience cooler was that I had this out of my very own Duvel glass. It's just an overall good drinking experience. I think I need to always keep some of this on-hand, and there are not too many beers I say that about.

Reviewed: March 05, 2005

Rating: 8/10

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