Miller High Life Light

Miller Brewing Co


I can understand this beer. For years, Miller High Life was all my Dad drank, so we shared more than a few. Yeah, this is the light version, but tastes largely the same. I felt guiltily cheap drinking this last night; I drank it from a 32 oz. can (maybe this review should be on the Malt Liquor page?). Still, I poured some up, too, and it's the color you'd expect: anemic yellow. Good frothy head, though. Now this is not a banquet beer. Not your first line. But hey, if you're at a barbeque and this is all that's iced down, at least it won't kill you. And if you've got a little nostalgia for the old Gold Can, you might even view it with some favor.

Reviewed: March 05, 2005

Rating: 1/10

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