Big Buck German Alt

Big Buck Brewery and Steakhouse


Yeah, baby. Nothin' says redneck like drinkin' beer at the Big Buck Brewery at the Bass Pro Shop. I feel so trailer trashy. OK, getting that out of my system, onto the review. It irks me a little they should call this German Alt when alt IS German. Oh, well, they've dummied down pretty much everything at this brewpub since last I was there, attempting to appeal to the masses. I doubt this beer would, though it would appeal to you, gentle readers. True to the "old" ale style, this is malty and sweet, but with a good hops bite. Deep copper color and well carbonated. It's a shame I had this in the September heat, because I see this beer being much more appealing in late fall after the temperature dips. Still, it was delicious, and paired nicely with blue crab and artichoke dip served over toasted pita bread. I can see going back in October and trying this again.

Reviewed: March 19, 2005

Rating: 6/10

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