Shipyard IPA

Shipyard Brewing Co


In 1995, my wife (fiancee then) was a corporate trainer for a restaurant chain, and they were opening a Macaroni Grill in Portland. At that time, Shipyard was a year old. She sent me two six packs of their ale, and I remember it fondly. So I came across this in Austin several weeks ago and bought a six pack, anticipating greatness. Today I'm on the fourth bottle in about as many weeks, and I'm still trying to decide if I like it. The answer is a hesitant, "Yes." Not quite that deep coppery color you'd expect from IPA's. Pleasant-smelling, but the taste is a little too sweet; is it the Fuggles hops they use? I don't know, but I look for a stronger, spicier bite from the hops in most IPA's. I think the final decision is that this is a good beer, though I've had better. What the hell. If you see it on the shelf, try it at least once. And tell me what you think.

Reviewed: April 16, 2005

Rating: 5/10

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