Trappistes Rochefort

Abbaye St-Remy


This has to be one of the plainest labels on any beer I've ever seen. It almost brought me back to "The Repo Man," where they had generic beer with just "Beer" on the label. OK, not quite that bad, but it makes Westmalle look flashy by comparison. The beer itself is good, but not as good as Orval, Westmalle and a couple others. Chocolate is the most dominant flavor and aroma you'll find, with a slight fruity background. The label is entirely in either French or Dutch, which will be fun trying to read after you've finished this 9.2% ABV trappist ale. Go ahead, try pronouncing "Gebrouwen van," I dare you. Out loud, in front of your friends.

Reviewed: April 09, 2005

Rating: 6/10

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