Molson OV

Molson Breweries


This is an old O'Keefe product, which was bought by Carling, then by Molson. It's still got the O'Keefe knight on the can and it still has it's reputation. OV is supposed to stand for "Old Vienna", suggesting that it's a Vienna style lager. The guys in the locker room will call it "old vagina", suggesting what it really tastes like. But it isn't a BAD beer, at least not awful. It has little to no head so first impressions aren't good. It tastes a little sweeter than your regular megabrew with a reasonably good and definitely inoffensive aftertaste. That said it is fairly bland. You certainly don't have to choke it down. This is one of those beers that is dirt cheap, and everyone thinks it is horrid, but it's really just an average megabrew beer. No worse. It's a decent candidate for good bad beer status. If you can put up with the ridicule that you'll to be subject to, this isn't a bad cheap beer choice. Nobody will drink it on you that's for sure.

Reviewed: March 12, 2005

Rating: 4/10

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