Victoria Bitter

Carlton & United Breweries


Crisp and easy to drink. As Australian as "Tim Tams", "footy", and meat pies. There isn't much "bitter" about this beer outside of it's name. It's a lager and a decent one. Slight sweetness in the taste. But my warning is that you not let this beer get warm. It is a mega produced beer and the chemical taste starts to assert itself as the beer warms. But any Aussie reading this will say "what the hell are you doing letting your beer get warm anyway". This is a thirst quencher and I'd say not much else. That said this is a decent beer, a notch above most North American megabrews. It's cheap in Australia, not worth paying import prices for elsewhere unless you have a sentimental attachment.

Reviewed: March 26, 2005

Rating: 5/10

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