Bison Organic Belgian Ale

Bison Brewing


For those of you familiar with Belgian golden ales, you'll find this to be a pretty close facsimile, but there was something missing. It had the alcohol, it had the spicy flavor from the coriander, and it had the lemon background. But it was missing the effervescence (it didn't create that creamy, whipped egg white head), the strong alcohol warmth in the taste, and it was a little more watery than a typical Belgian ale. In other words, it was no Duvel. But then again, that's comparing it to the benchmark of its style, which isn't fair. Comparing a Miata to a Porsche, the Miata falls flat, but it's still a sweet-looking ride. OK, the alcohol is taking effect, I'm starting to talk about cars. Maybe it's not so lacking.

Reviewed: May 07, 2005

Rating: 6/10

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