St. Bernardus Tripel

Brouwerij St Bernardus


First and foremost, this was MUCH better than the Dubbel, because I actually tried this one, instead of just sniffing the oder out of my luggage (as a recap, I couldn't drink the Dubbel because the idiots at the TSA re-packed my luggage in such a way that I had beer bottles colliding like bowling balls and testicles on America's Funniest Videos). Although, this is probably the most disappointing tripel that I've had to date. It was good, but not fall out of my chair good. It basically had a weaker overall flavor than some of the others. Maybe I was hoping it would be better, to make it worth having brought this back from my trip to New Jersey.

Reviewed: May 14, 2005

Rating: 6/10

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