Lucky Lager

Labatt Breweries


I drank 7 or 8 of these one night playing poker with the guys. And if that's the type of thing you're doing this is a good fit. My buddy thought it was great that he could get a 24 of this and a pack of smokes for less than $30 (CDN). If that's the way you're thinking about things than this beer is also a good fit. This is cheap beer and tastes like cheep beer. A little sharper than most cheap beers, and not awful. You can drink several over the course of an evening and not feel ill the next morning. That said don't drink this stuff warm or it will taste a little too chemical. So if you enjoy drinking beer for the sake of drinking beer, this will do. I'd drink this ahead of a lot of the cheap tasting beers that I've tried. I suspect that this is the same as the beer of the same name down in the states. Just brewed under contract by Labatt for the Canadian market. Because, well you wouldn't pay import prices for this.

Reviewed: April 16, 2005

Rating: 3/10

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