Olde Towne Amber Ale

Olde Towne Brewing Company


I had really high hopes for this. It's the only brewery in Alabama that you can get bottled beer from, and at this point you have to go there to get it. I made the trek (3+ hours round trip) and came home with three sixers of this stuff. What an idiot! It's not that bad, but an amber ale isn't something that really excites me to begin with. Generally, they're all pretty similar, but this one is on the sweeter side of the norm and then at the end has a little bit of sourness that I wasn't crazy about. I know it was fresh, because they've only been bottling for a month, so apparently that was intended. No thanks...

Reviewed: April 23, 2005

Rating: 3/10

Rocky should've used that time in a more productive fashion, like curing cancer, or sleeping. This beer smelled like a fart. Thankfully, it didn't taste that way though. In fact, it didn't taste like anything. I got this sample from Rocky in a trade, and he did admit it was an old sample, but I've had other beers hold up better. This was worse then the Pale Ale, but they were both sucky in their own special way.

Reviewed: July 29, 2006

Rating: 1/10

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