New Belgium Frambozen Raspberry Brown Ale

New Belgium Brewing Company


This beer was pretty interesting. It's the first brown ale I've had with fruit, but then it's a bit light in color (it's actually rather red) and thin for a brown ale. Maybe it's just Fat Tire with a little bit of chocolate malt. And raspberries. Lots of raspberries. I checked out their website and it says the raspberry addition is just over 11% by volume, the ABV says 7% on the site, but the bottle says 6.5%. If I lived in their distribution area I could see picking up a sixer of this to have around for the holidays, but I'd never have more than one per sitting. My wife likes fruit beers, and she liked this one a lot, so if you like fruit beers you probably would like it a lot as well. If not, skip it. There are better holiday selections to choose from.

Reviewed: May 07, 2005

Rating: 6/10

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