Gouden Carolus Noël

Brouwerij Het Anker


I will admit that certain events make certain beers taste better. For example, you could give me dirty bathwater, if I'm drinking it while watching Scott Stevens lift the Stanley Cup, I'll drink it and think it's fine. Such is the case here. I bought this to commemorate Christmas 2004, when my friends Kris (my best friend) and Melissa (who is the big sister I never had) got engaged in my home on Christmas morning. It had a wonderful, rich fruity flavor, with a plum and raisin background, but you know what? In 20 years, all I'm going to remember that it was a damn good beer that I had on a very special Christmas. I celebrated with my pregnant wife, my daughter, my two best friends, and 2 weeks away from the birth of my 2nd daughter, and this beer. Life is good, and as such, so was this beer (and it was certainly no bathwater).

Reviewed: May 28, 2005

Rating: 10/10

In 20 years, I'll remember the events, but I'll also remember to celebrate the anniversary with some other beer.

Reviewed: May 28, 2005

Rating: 1/10

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