Cottonwood Endo IPA

Carolina Beer & Beverage Co


This is supposed to be an "over-the-top" (hence the mountain biker "endo" term) pale ale, with a pronounced hop presence. Well, yeah, it's pretty hoppy, but not enough to make you pucker. It's quite nice, not as dark as I expected, and it has that weird chemical taste some microbrews have. That, of course, usually fades if you pour it up and let it "breathe" a bit. Funky label, with what I'm guessing is supposed to be a Belgian monk, holding a stein, with Rasta-mon dreads and a bike helmet. The general rule is to beware cool labels; usually the beer is sub-par. Not really in this instance. If I saw this on the shelf, I'd reach for it again.

Reviewed: May 22, 2005

Rating: 6/10

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