Highland Gaelic Ale

Highland Brewing Company


I first encountered this in 1996 when my in-laws lived in Asheville. It was heavenly and what I drank exclusively when we went to visit. They very shortly moved away, however, and I haven't had it now in about seven years. When my father-in-law recently managed to get ahold of some and send it to me, I was a little worried; since my palate has changed some, I was afraid it wouldn't be very good anymore. Shouldn't have worried. This beer is delicious! A deep, amber-copper color, it smells wonderful and tastes even better. Another beer that disproves the cool-label-sucky-beer rule of thumb, too. If you see this beer, don't limit yourself to just one six-pack.

Reviewed: June 04, 2005

Rating: 8/10

An amber ale according to their website, and it fits the bill. Malty, hops present but not in a leading role, full-bodied. It's a good beer. I won't be driving to North Carolina to pick some up, but if their distribution area were to expand to make it available locally I'd pick it up occasionally.

Reviewed: October 01, 2005

Rating: 6/10

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