Dreadnaught IPA

Three Floyds Brewing Co


You have to love hops to even remotely enjoy this beer. Thankfully, hops are among my very favorite things. You will despise this beer if you don't share my passion for them. It's a double IPA, Alcohol 9.5%, and IBU's that are most certainly in triple-digits. This is a BIG beer. It's a constant barrage of hops from the first sniff to your burps the next day. The ABV is very deceptive and will sneak up on you. If there is a fault it might be a slightly sweet finish, but that's really looking for something to ding it with. After much consideration I would probably still take a Ruination over this, but it's close. Damn close. I gave that one a 9, so consider this an 8+.

Reviewed: June 11, 2005

Rating: 8/10

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