Great Divide Titan IPA

Great Divide Brewing Co


It's OK. My wife and I split this bomber several days after enjoying their double IPA (an outstanding brew, by the way). There's something a little unbalanced in this beer. The label touts their "piney hop aromas"--yeah, and that's how the beer tastes, too. This was like drinking ale steeped in pine boughs. There wasn't enough of that expected sweetness to balance the hops. So it was OK. You might want to try it yourself if you're a hophead, but I think I'll stick with their double if I see this beer again.

Reviewed: July 16, 2005

Rating: 5/10

I liked this slightly better than Sam did. A halfway decent IPA, but maybe that's the was halfway decent, not all the way decent. Very drinkable, and it did have the requisite hops, but nothing impressive that hasn't been done before. The balance between malt and hops was good, I will give it that. And one thing I did like about this was the suggested food dishes to eat with this beer that was on the label. Of course, they were nothing I would eat.....grilled halibut and Thai curry (although I would give the soft/strong cheeses a try).

Reviewed: May 08, 2010

Rating: 6/10

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