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It's tough being Hungarian. You like tourists, but they keep showing up in armored tank divisions. The last time you were part of an empire, you played second fiddle to a country that's best known for being the setting of a Julie Andrews movie, and the last time your people actually intimidated anyone, your leader was a psycho named Attila. Plus, smart-asses everywhere think your countrymen are nothing but a bunch of swarthy Gypsies, prone to stealing, palm-reading and high-wire circus tricks. And, you're better known for wine then beer, much like the French. So, when you're sitting in your home, dwelling on your inferiority complex, take heart: Hungarians can indeed brew a good beer. While it's not their bread and butter, it's done with the care and quality that is more often seen across the border in the Czech Republic. If lounging in a spa in Budapest, or chilling along the Danube, you can do so with a quality Hungarian beer, Dreher. It's no Czechvar, but when in Hungary, do as the (mad) Hungarians.

Reviewed: August 13, 2005

Rating: 6/10

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