Budweiser Select



We had the grave misfortune to have to spend a night in what may be, not the most depressing city in Texas, not in the USA, but on the PLANET: Longview, Texas. Needing something to fog my brain, I dropped into a convenience store, noting that it, just like all the others I've encountered in Longview, had burglar bars. A ringing endorsement for moving there. So I head for the beer cooler, and all the usual suspects were there: the big three, and those dreadful malternatives, and since I was in Gangstaland, a handful of malt liquors. Then my eyes fell on Budweiser Select. What the hell--it's already a miserable night, how much worse could it be to drink this? So I bought a sixer. It's exactly what any of you would expect. Budweiser in a slightly prettier bottle. A-B has once again hit a home-run: they've put another product out there that the sheep will buy, thinking they're getting "the good stuff". Baaaa...

Reviewed: July 16, 2005

Rating: 1/10

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