Oskar Blues Old Chubb Scottish Style Ale

Oskar Blues Brewing Co


Drink beer from a CAN? You must be mad, sir! Or so I thought, when I saw this staring unobtrusively from the beer cooler at Lone Star Liquor Company in Breckenridge (cool name, by the way). But the guy behind the counter swore by it, so I bought a sixer. Whoof. This is one damned fine brew. Pours that deep, satisfying ruby-mahogany color you'd expect. You can smell the malt. Tastes delicious, malty, sweet, just a background trace of hops (those Scots emphasize the malt over the hops). But be careful: at 8% abv, this beer will sneak up on you! I can now safely say, Drink beer from a CAN? Why yes, I believe I will, thanks!

Reviewed: August 20, 2005

Rating: 8/10

Oskar Blues puts their beer in cans which I completely agree with. Beer in cans is improperly maligned due to the association with Bud/Miller/Coors, but as long you're pouring it into a glass, as you bloody well should, the can is superior. It blocks out all light, it takes up less space in the fridge, and it cools down much faster (aluminum is a conductor while glass is an insulator). Onto this beer in particular, it's got a deep malt sweetness which masks the 8.0% abv completely so be careful to not let Old Chub sneak up on you. All in all a quality brew but the sweetness is a bit off-putting. I could see this as a quality switch up but nothing you could drink all night.

Reviewed: June 04, 2011

Rating: 7/10

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