Left Hand Black Jack Porter

Left Hand and Tabernash Brewing Co


Hey, now. Wow. This beer will make you stand up and take notice. My favorite style of beer, and this porter does not disappoint. Dark black in the glass, but a warming ruby-red glow when you hold it up to the light. Take a sniff; smell the malt and hops. Take a sip. Mmmm...tastes like firelight, cobblestones, dark mahogany wood, and the wee publican saying, "Ah, the porter. Yes sir." Your mind hears Dermott Fahy playing the accordion as all your mates sing a chorus of "Wild Colonial Boy". Yes, suddenly, you ARE The Quiet Man. I'm telling you folks. You must try this beer.

Reviewed: September 03, 2005

Rating: 9/10

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