Hekwap Light Beer (Bosnia and Herzogovina)

BanjaLucka Pivara

Other Countries

I really loved this beer, but not for the taste. I loved it because it's from such an obscure beer-producing country, it's a pain in the ass for Kris because now it's one more country he has to keep track of. So, Hekwap will sit, rotting away in the purgatory of "Other Countries," waiting for the off-chance that this predominantly Muslim country has other beers. I checked out the brewery on the internet, and apparently several breweries are in a bidding war when this brewery privatizes, among them Heineken, Interbrew, Carlsberg and SABMiller. I guess they don't have enough crap in their portfolios? Don't get me wrong, Hekwap didn't kill me, but Serbia didn't invade Bosnia for it's beer, let me say that much.

Reviewed: September 03, 2005

Rating: 2/10

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